Servicing Masterton to Featherston, Riversdale and Castlepoint.

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About Us

BDR Electrical was started in 2003 by Bruce and Amanda Richards. Working together, Bruce – a registered electrician – did the electrical work and Amanda handled the invoicing and paperwork.

BDR has grown from this to have three electricians servicing Masterton, Carterton, Greytown, Martinborough, Featherston, Riversdale and Castlepoint.

Daniel completed his apprenticeship with BDR in 2013 and has stayed on as a fully registered electrician. Hayden joined the team as an ETCO apprentice in 2014 and he too has stayed with us on completion of his studies in 2015.

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Our Team

Bruce Richards

Director/Registered Electrician

Amanda Atkins

Director/Office Manager

Daniel Jones

Registered Electrician

Hayden Guillosson

Registered Electrician

Servicing Masterton to Featherston, Riversdale and Castlepoint.

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